Grass Fed Sirloin Kabobs

Sirloin steak is the ideal cut for kabobs. It comes from a part of the animal that doesn’t receive as much exercise as the round primal section. This makes it a more tender cut than options from the round but typically not as expensive as a more tender cut such as tenderloin. Honestly, the tenderloin is too nice of a cut to make into kabobs. Sirloin hits the nail on the head with just the right balance of rich beefy flavor and tenderness.

Pro Tip: Top sirloin steak includes a nice thick fat cap whereas sirloin steak is the same piece of meat but with the fat cap separated off. Sirloin steak vs. top sirloin steak is better for kabobs because you’ll end up cutting off the fat cap for your skewers.

Check out this grass fed beef kabobs recipe from Mary’s Whole Life. This recipe follows a Whole30 and paleo diet.

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