About The Ranch

About B Bar Ranch

The B Bar Ranch raises organic, grass fed and grass finished beef in central Montana.

B Bar Ranch was founded in 1906. It was acquired by current owner, Maryanne Mott, in 1978. The cattle split their time throughout the year between our two ranches. The main headquarters is in Big Timber, MT. The guest ranch is in the Tom Miner Basin, located just north of Yellowstone National Park. We care for over 16,000 acres of rolling hills, grasslands, and mountain meadows in the Greater Yellowstone region.

Organic Management

B Bar Ranch has been under organic management for over 30 years. We are committed regenerative agriculture practices such as increasing biodiversity, rotational grazing, and composting.

Our goals for this practices include building soil health, and providing the best animal welfare possible. We strive to improve the natural resources we care for and raise great tasting, healthy beef. We also aim to leave a full range of opportunities on a healthy landscape for those who follow us.

Long-Term Mindset

At B Bar Ranch, our mindset is a long-term one. Whether it’s bringing a heritage cattle breed, like our conservation herd of White Park Cattle, back from the brink of extinction or building up the soil health of our rangelands over a decade, we are dedicated to creating a better future. In addition, we know knowledge is power and do our part to share the many things we’ve learned over the years with others interested in alternatives to the conventional agriculture paradigm. We often hold educational events and ranch tours and do our best to be a positive force in the communities we serve.

High-Quality Wholesome Beef

High-quality wholesome beef starts with the basics – healthy soil, nutritious forages, clean water, and an abundant diversity of life in the world around us. Using ecologically responsible and humane stewardship practices, we raise beef that leaves the land and our communities better. Because we believe everyone should be able to feel good about the steak on their plate, the burger in their bun, or the hot dog they feed their kids.