Baby it’s cold outside…

Let’s have a satisfying warming pot roast for dinner. The beauty of this kind of recipe is that time and heat do most of the work. With a little cutting and chopping, you can add it all together in the Dutch oven, walk away and then come back hungry for dinner. Part of the experience is having your appetite prepared by all of the delicious smells that will fill the house and pleasantly waft your direction.

We suggest this recipe from Serious Eats. Don’t forget the sear! It’s an import step in the process and will keep the flavor and tenderness of your B Bar chuck roast intact through the long cooking process. You can use a slow over or crock pot for this recipe but experience has shown that the best flavor is developed in a Dutch oven placed in the oven.

Grass Fed Beef Huevos Rancheros
Monki’s Huevos Rancheros with spiced rice, ground beef, spinach, mushrooms & tomatoes

Move over bacon and eggs! Beef shows up prominently in this breakfast dish. This dish with a Tex-Mex flare is packed with foods that will give a healthy start to your day.

This recipe from Dr. Axe goes into nice detail about the health benefits packed into grass fed beef as well as other often misunderstood ingredients.

grass fed beef steak tacos

Taco Tuesday anyone? Actually, tacos are a great idea any day of the week. This recipe from A Cozy Kitchen is a great find because in her blog she gives great insight into which cut to select for this recipe and why. She, Adrianna, also shares useful tips about the proper way to grill grass fed steak.

Pro Tip: Grass fed beef cooks about 30% faster than grain-finished beef. Keep this in mind if you’re use to cooking one or the other. B Bar Ranch steaks are just about perfect at medium-rare.

Food is a wonderfully defining character of culture. I love how with three powerful ingredients such as ginger, garlic, and scallions (GGS) you can invoke flavors that call to mind and celebrate Asian-inspired cuisine. Beef and Broccoli is a perfect example. Grab your GGS, some B Bar Ranch Beef and your favorite style of rice and your most of the way there.

For step-by-step directions on executing a great beef and broccoli dish, try this recipe from Pamela Salzman‘s blog on kitchen matters and recipes. We recommend going with a flank steak for this recipe, a cut that takes really well to a marinade.

Beef stew is a little bit like a blank canvas. You can start with the basics and add and customize each dish to suit what you have on hand and to what your company enjoys. Each time the final result can be a little different if you desire.

Stew for me, always brings to mind cold hunting trips in the Montana mountains and the relief and warmth that comes from pulling a steamy beefy bowl of stew up to my nose. You get back to camp and warm up a meal in the wall tent, and then depending on how cold the trip has been, sometimes you want to hug the bowl as much as eat it.

Check out this stew recipe from Creative Healthy Family. B Bar Ranch Beef hopes to be apart of the stories and memories you make around delicious bowls of beefy goodness.

It’s hard to beat a ribeye steak. At B Bar Ranch, we take the time and extra care to ensure that our cattle are finished well so that the steaks we offer are a healthy as they are sumptuous. Grilling a ribeye or most steaks for that matter will give you the best end result. Keep in mind that grass fed and finished beef cooks about 30% faster than supermarket grain finished beef.

This recipe from Epicurious takes things to the next level with a balsamic-caper vinaigrette sauce that you won’t soon forget.

There is a reason that the tenderloin steak (also known as filet mignon) has earned it’s place at the top of high-end cuts. As the name suggests, the tenderest of all the cuts of beef, a filet mignon has that melt in your mouth quality, just writing about a well prepared filet is making my mouth water.

Grass fed and finished beef is healthy for you, so you should have no qualms about adding additional healthy fats during your cooking process. We like this recipe from 90/10 Nutrition because he adds Kerrygold Grass Fed butter (my personal favorite!) to accomplish that beautiful sear everyone is looking for on their steak.

There are so many warm, filling, and comforting dishes that center around ground beef and give it a well-deserved status of must-have on hand ingredient. Using grass fed and finished, certified organic B Bar Ranch beef will leave you satiated and with no regrets.

Satisfying lasagna has to rank high on the list of our classic favorite recipes. This recipe from Bev Cooks features mushrooms and kale for a novel twist to your standard lasagna.

Sirloin steak is the ideal cut for kabobs. It comes from a part of the animal that doesn’t receive as much exercise as the round primal section. This makes it a more tender cut than options from the round but typically not as expensive as a more tender cut such as tenderloin. Honestly, the tenderloin is too nice of a cut to make into kabobs. Sirloin hits the nail on the head with just the right balance of rich beefy flavor and tenderness.

Pro Tip: Top sirloin steak includes a nice thick fat cap whereas sirloin steak is the same piece of meat but with the fat cap separated off. Sirloin steak vs. top sirloin steak is better for kabobs because you’ll end up cutting off the fat cap for your skewers.

Check out this grass fed beef kabobs recipe from Mary’s Whole Life. This recipe follows a Whole30 and paleo diet.