grass fed beef steak tacos

Taco Tuesday anyone? Actually, tacos are a great idea any day of the week. This recipe from A Cozy Kitchen is a great find because in her blog she gives great insight into which cut to select for this recipe and why. She, Adrianna, also shares useful tips about the proper way to grill grass fed steak.

Pro Tip: Grass fed beef cooks about 30% faster than grain-finished beef. Keep this in mind if you’re use to cooking one or the other. B Bar Ranch steaks are just about perfect at medium-rare.

It’s hard to beat a ribeye steak. At B Bar Ranch, we take the time and extra care to ensure that our cattle are finished well so that the steaks we offer are a healthy as they are sumptuous. Grilling a ribeye or most steaks for that matter will give you the best end result. Keep in mind that grass fed and finished beef cooks about 30% faster than supermarket grain finished beef.

This recipe from Epicurious takes things to the next level with a balsamic-caper vinaigrette sauce that you won’t soon forget.