The B Bar Difference

Grazed on the rolling grasslands and mountain meadows of south central Montana, the B Bar Ranch raises high-quality 100% grass fed and grass finished, certified organic beef. It's healthy beef with unique flavor and free of added synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Beef produced sustainably, the way nature intended.

Our Cattle

"We are very aware of how our cattle are cared for from birth to plate.
We do our best to make sure the beef we produce is great-tasting,
healthy food at a great value."

~ Wes Henthorne, B Bar Ranch manager

Ancient White Park Cattle

We raise Ancient White Park Cattle, a rare European heritage breed of horned white cattle. We purchased our first breeding group in 1989 at a time when only 20 animals of the breed were known in North America. Over the past 25 years, we've worked diligently to bring this breed back from the brink of extinction. Today, thanks to our efforts, their numbers now stand at more than 700.

Our cattle are raised from birth to harvest on our two ranches. Calves are born in late spring on the Big Timber ranch and usually stay with their mothers through late February. Grazed rotationally, we maintain two breeding groups, a butcher group, and large herd of growing cattle. Our growing animals typically spend the grazing season at our Tom Miner Basin ranch.

Because Ancient White Park Cattle are a slow maturing breed, we began crossbreeding a portion of our White Park herd with Angus genetics. This allows us to utilize the hardy grazing traits of the White Park breed, while producing great-tasting, market-ready beef sooner. This combination creates a delicious beef product with unique terroir which captures the flavors of this beautiful and specific part of the world.

Land & Soil

In the late 1980s, our team did considerable research to determine which ranch practices and management philosophies best reflect our beliefs and values. Through our analysis we quickly settled on organic management and have been caring for our ranches this way ever since. Our ranch practices focus on creating greater biodiversity, building soil health, and providing the best quality of life possible for our livestock from pasture to plate.

We advance this stewardship by embracing practices like low-stress livestock handling, conserving open space and wildlife habitat, and using ecologically responsible practices which take into consideration the environmental nuances of our landscape. Planned, adaptive grazing methods allow us to use our cattle as tools to enhance rangeland and soil health. Additionally, we regularly apply organic soil amendments like compost tea to our pastures to improve soil health. Our overall goal is to support a healthy, thriving ecosystem which allows our livestock, wildlife, and landscape to flourish to their fullest potential.